• I am a versatile Social Business Technologist and Web Strategist who understands how to build community and connect with software developers and business people alike. I have a strong understanding of the Internet landscape and know how to use personal skills and social media tools to connect with community influencers, bloggers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business executives. I produce regular blog content on software development, social media, branding, and small business topics. I am a forward thinking charismatic Software Architect who loves technology and working with software teams who are building collaborative, cutting edge and disruptive web-based software focused on enabling, empowering and encouraging people to use the Internet. I have expertise in creating order out of chaos, applying best practices, and rapidly completing complex web applications. I have a special skill of anticipating and resolving problems before they happen. I have the most success working as a part of a focused team that aligns its energy with business requirements. Most recently I have been responsible for designing, building and deploying several complete Software as a Service (SaaS) web applications. I Simplify, Organize and Finish things more

Jeffrey Blake @JeffreyBlake