iOS 7 A Departure From Steve Jobs UI Design

    According to multiple people who have either seen or have been briefed on the upcoming iOS 7 $AAPL, the operating system sports a redesigned user-interface that will be attractive to new iOS users, but potentially unsettling for those who are long-accustomed to the platform reports 9to5mac.

    The new interface is said to be “very, very flat,” according to one source. Another person said that the interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS. Another source framed the new OS as having a level of “flatness” approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s $MSFT Windows Phone “Metro” UI.

    In my opinion it is not necessarily a bad thing. For example I prefer a flat design for calendar however I do like the gloss and polish of iOS. More…

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